750 SLB AIR Hot Tub

Transport Yourself!

Designed for the peaceful solitude of one or social time with friends, the 750 will create an extraordinary experience every time. With seating for 8 plus 1 cooling seat and up to 192 fully customizable jets, transport yourself into a world of relaxing rejuvenation every time you step into the backyard.


Like having a professional masseuse at home, our six-stacker pattern gives you from 6 to 42 different jetting combinations.

Additional information


8 + 1 Cooling Seat


226 x 226 x 97 Cm / 89 x 89 x 38 In

Water Capacity

1654 Liters / 437 US Gallons

Dry Weight

363 kg / 800 lbs

Filled Weight

2017 kg / 4446 lbs


Up to 192 customizable jets with 45 water sockets

Construction Options

Hybrid3 / LEEP


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