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At Sun Valley Pools and Spas Duncan we repair most hot tub makes and models. Call our knowledgeable service department today to book a service call or order parts. Our technicians are uniquely qualified to service Beachcomber Hot Tubs but they have the knowledge and specialized training to service most every make and model of hot tub.  Our trained technicians have years of experience in the industry and understand what it takes to get the job done right. Rest assured we will get you back into hot water as soon as possible.


Service call outs include travel and up to two hours of labour.

    • Trained Professional Hot Tub Technician’s Advice
    • In Shop Consultations
    • Diagnosis Only  (Includes coming to your home, assessing the hot tub/pool/sauna and letting you know what is required to repair it.)

*A minimum fee applies to any all home visits that are not cancelled prior to us arriving at your home.

*Chemicals, parts and repairs extra
*Only Beachcomber chemicals used


Weekly, Bi Weekly or Monthly

We offer three different maintenance schedules to easily and efficiently fit into your busy lifestyle. Whether you choose a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance routine, we can keep your hot tub clean, sanitized and in top working order.

  • Test the water and re-balance it
  • Sanitize the water
  • Rinse the filters
  • Wipe down the hot tub and cover
  • Routine check of equipment

Drain & Fill

  • Water out & fresh water in
  • Test the water and re-balance it
  • Sanitize the water
  • Rinse the filters
  • Wipe down the hot tub and cover
  • Routine check of equipment

Deep Clean

This is a 2-day process which includes a pipe cleanse to remove any buildup of bio film and a thorough overnight soak cleanse of the filters. This is ideal for new to you hot tubs or when the water has gotten infected with algae.

  • Bio-film dissolving pipe cleanse
  • Drain and vacuum of the stale water
  • Fresh fill of water from your provided source
  • Test the water and re-balance it
  • Sanitize the water
  • Rinse the filters
  • Wipe down the hot tub
  • Apply protective treatment to cover
  • Routine check of equipment
  • All chemicals are included

Make your life easier and your backyard sparkle this season. Book a pool opening with our quality pool technicians and let us do all the work.

Premium Pool Opening

  • Remove winter cover and water bags, wash and fold up ready for storage
  • Reconnect all equipment
  • Install and piping, unions, drain plugs removed when winterizing
  • One vacuum to remove debris accumulated over winter
  • Start-up of pump, filter and heater
  • Test water and add balancing treatment as needed (chemical cost is extra)
  • Initial shock and Algae treatment to begin clearing water.

Before we arrive: Please top up water level to half way on the skimmer basket. This can be done by inserting a garden hose under the winter blanket.

Note: All Chemicals are extra.

Optional Extras:

Filter canister cleaning
Washing of pool surround


Closing your pool properly for the winter season is important because it can protect your pool from harsh winter climates and keep it as clean as possible for the next season.

Premium Pool Closing

  • Test water
  • Add necessary chemicals to balance water
  • Oxidize summer wastes
  • Drain filter, pump, heater
  • Disconnect plumbing where possible
  • Plug return inlets and skimmer
  • Blow out lines as best as possible
  • Cover pool with winter cover
  • Fill water bags and secure cover

Optional Extras:

  • Filter cleaning

Reminder: If you circulate your pool all winter, keep the water properly balanced. If not just to be safe, do a shock treatment mid-winter.

Note: All chemicals and equipment are extra cost. Pool and water should to be clear and free of leave when time to winterize or additional charges will apply.

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